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A DUI conviction can have long lasting consequences. If you have been charged with DUI, you need to meet with a Cartersville DUI attorney immediately to evaluate your case. There are several different deadlines that if allowed to lapse, could end in an automatic license suspension. Georgia's Administrative Licenses Suspension (ALS) moves quickly, and you must promptly request a hearing.

Cartersville DUI Lawyer

Field Sobriety tests, breath alcohol test and even blood alcohol tests can give false results. Only by having a Cartersville DUI attorney analyze the State's evidence can you be certain that the evidence is sufficient to obtain a conviction. If the evidence is not sufficient or if there are other issues that might give you some leverage, our office has been successful in getting DUI charges reduced to much less damaging charges, such as reckless driving.

If the evidence is sufficient to uphold a conviction, our office can assist you in obtaining the most favorable DUI plea deal possible. If you are facing your first DUI, we can often reduce your fine, community service, and jail time to the absolute minimum required by the law. Additionally, by utilizing the various regulations in Georgia's drivers' license laws, we can often keep your driving privileges uninterrupted.

Flat Fees & Payment Plans, Cartersville DUI Attorney

Trying to handle a DUI on your own can have disastrous consequences. Prosecutors are under no requirement to work with you or make the process any easier. You need a Cartersville DUI lawyer that is familiar with methods of the prosecution and can best secure a favorable resolution.

We always offer free consultations and evaluations at our office in Cartersville, Georgia. Our office number os (770)382-8900 or email us.

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